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Caroline was born in Chester in 1953.  After graduating with an MA in Textile Design from Manchester Polytechnic in 1976, she taught part time at Manchester Polytechnic and worked freelance in textiles and painting.  From 1986 onwards, she continued to paint, exhibiting regularly throughout the U.K. ?
She says of her work: “The sea is rarely far from the subjects that I paint, I have a fascination with the coastline where land and water meet. The drama of changing light and weather and the boats buildings and harbours that inhabit these areas always draw me.?
I also love the coincidence of shape and composition in still life, particularly flowers. These works are an exploration of colour and texture rather than a botanical documentation.?
All paintings are a voyage of discovery and once begun quickly develop a life of their own. They are more concerned with the feel and sense of a place than an accurate visual record of it.”