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Carol was born in 1970 and studied sculpture at Winchester School of Art and drawing at The Prince's Drawing School. She is co-founder of the Bristol Drawing School. She is a renowned figurative sculptor who could not work without drawing. The process of drawing, that intuitive response, is what she aims for in her work. The sculptures are made in clay and once finished are cast into bronze, the fluid marks of the making are then fixed forever. Carol has obtained numerous commissions, both public and private, and has had solo shows in London, Athens, Zurich, France, Spain and Holland. Her figures inhabit an inner world of self-reflection. She derives her knowledge of the human body from detailed life drawings but when she models them in clay the figures come from her imagination, reaching beyond mere depiction.  With their delicately balanced forms and rock like plinths they invite the viewer to mediate on the human condition, the step from adolescence to adulthood or the vulnerability of a mother and child.

Please check with the Gallery the availability of these editions.