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Born in 1943, Elsa studied painting under the tutelage of Robin Child whose teaching continues to influence her approach to painting.   Elsa's love of paint and harmony shines through her pictures and captures the senses. Landscapes of layered earth colours, a harmony of umbers and siennas, responding emotionally to the landscape. Two twentieth century British painters who have inspired her are Matthew Smith and David Bomberg, her use of rich impasto can be traced back to their manner of composition. "I prefer to paint in the studio from drawings - sometimes just rough scribbles of a subject that has captured my imagination. I can then work this into a finished painting. I need to feel the excitement that comes from a mixed palette of colour and tones that are in harmony with each other. It is very often the appeal of a small object standing alone in a large empty space, whether in the landscape or in flowers or still life that create an emotional response that needs answering. Finding rather than making the mark is the crucial thing. Many artists have and continue to influence my work : Morandi, Nicholas de Stael, Keith Vaughan, and of course Cezanne - I look constantly and try to learn from the lessons that they show me." Elsa exhibits widely including at the Royal West of England Academy.