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Caitlin Palmer studied for her diploma in Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art and Design in London, before moving to Bath where she obtained a BA with Honours in Fine Art at the Bath School of Art and Design. After graduating, Caitlin had a well received solo exhibition of her work in Bath and many commissions. She is currently based in Hampshire. "Acrylic paint has exceptional qualities. Much like oil paint, and used in the right way, it can give strong colour, depth and texture. I prefer to work at a quick pace when painting, so acrylic paint is an ideal medium to use as my dominant medium. It dries extremely quickly and allows you to create layers on a surface." Caitlin uses familiar seascapes around the West Canadian coast as a starting point for her compositions and then develops the pictures through her imagination and memory. The final result is not specific to the location, as she uses shape and light to create powerful and dramatic landscapes.
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