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Born in 1934 in Oxford, Charles Hardaker studied initially at Birmingham College of Arts and Crafts. This was followed by three years at the Royal College of Art, London.  Charles's aim, essentially, is to use the medium of paint to express something of the mystery behind the 'everyday' existence. He believes that the forms seen through the physical eyes are the raw material for making images to indicate a higher truth than the world of the senses.He works primarily in oils directly onto canvas or board. His starting point can be anything seen in a moment or distilled over a long period of time. Initial drawings are essential. His subjects are mostly Still Life, Interiors (in which the 'Door' is a central theme) and the human head. He has produced two series of paintings for specific sites, to specific themes and has worked in a team on murals for a church and country house requiring the use of gesso and tempera.In describing his approach to a composition he has written ‘Motives for the paintings in general (as much as one dare to define them!) are architectural and philosophical in that the basically cubic container form has been connected with the cube/earth symbol in Plato's "Timaeus" . But also 'things as they are' is as important as any intellectual idea so that the paintings retain strong roots in things seen'.He was elected a member to the New English Art Club in 1969 and is a member of the Royal Society of British Artists. His paintings are in the collections of The Tate Gallery (Chantrey Bequest), Guildhall, London and many prestigious companies. Charles shows each year in the Royal. Academy Summer exhibition and in other London galleries.
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