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Born in Glasgow in 1946, Ian graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1964. He then took up a teaching post and for some 15 years was head of art and design at a large Glasgow Comprehensive School. Since 1997 he has painted full time and says:‘Travelling extensively throughout Scotland and the Continent I am forever fascinated by the visual imagery I encounter on reaching my destined ports of call. Each day presents a fresh source of locations, of movement, colour, rhythm and pattern. These, coupled with a free flow of imaginative translation, have provided me with material to create a fusion of life, of shimmering colours, distinctive buildings of the land and abstract expressionistic vistas'.He gains inspiration wherever he travels and frequently visits Mallorca, where the strong Mediterranean light and colours are a continued fascination.Ian exhibits extensively throughout the United Kingdom and his work has appeared in the International Artist magazine as one of ten finalists in their global landscape competition. His paintings can be found in many galleries in this country, as well as in Canada, the United States and on the Continent.
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