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Born in 1952 Andrew studied at Edinburgh College of Art from 1972-1974. Twentieth Century Scottish painters have had a strong influence on his work - primarily the manner in which they interpret the landscape through the style and handling of paint that is recognisable of a Scottish school.  Two American painters, Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper are painters that Andrew also draws inspiration from. It is rare to find a painter nowadays working in egg tempera, a method that pre-dates using oil with pigment. The medium only allows the application of small amounts of pigment at any one time, building in layers of fine brush strokes over the traditional gesso ground. As with the paintings of the Renaissance artists who used this medium, egg tempera produces rare luminosity."Andrew George is one such artist adept in using this medium. He paints the landscapes around his home in the Mendip hills of North Somerset, Dorset's Coastline and the hills of Scotland. On first impression his paintings are finely detailed - they are incredibly well observed, often with each blade of grass given perfect realisation; and yet on closer inspection one notices passages of paint which are almost abstract, where the detail is more impressionistically suggested." (Geoffrey Bertram, 2010)Andrew says: "Quite often I use a number of different viewpoints in a painting. I like to lift the viewer so that they are hovering above the ground ready to float into the landscape. Paintings start with broad washes that are gradually refined with smaller and smaller marks."

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