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Born in 1967 in Kent. David's initial training was a Grimsby Art School. Two teachers from there who have had a lasting impression on his work are Peter Todd and Nev Tipper. Their legacy was learning to look and questioning what was actually seen by testing it against the painting. Moving to Kingston upon Thames School of Art he gained his degree in 1990.  On the process of painting he has said:  "...my initial motivation for painting starts with the pleasure of looking.  Looking at it from the outside the act of painting can have the appearance of being a laborious task as I continuously make corrective changes. This process of trial and error is often what leads to a picture's interest. In the end what a painting requires is total commitment. There are no short cuts.  This commitment has not grown out of a romance for the activity. It has grown out of the need to celebrate the beauty I experience of the world and the struggles I have in translating that into paint. The difficulty is in keeping alive the potential of the painting to change. When a painting works it has a life of its own independent of the original idea. It takes off when it leaves the words behind.  In the end I would like my paintings to be understood as a statement about my love of a small corner of the world..."Through the influence of two twentieth century British painters, William Coldstream and Euan Uglow, David has developed his very personal interpretation of still life. He also tutors at Ruskin College, Oxford.
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